Nathan AshtonNathan Ashton

Sex on Demand

Sound Effects Editor  •  Re-Recording Engineer

Slavery is not gone from our world. Human trafficking continues. There are three players in the sex trade: the Trafficker, the Victim, and the Buyer. As ordinary people, we don’t have much ability to alter the behavior of the first two… but the Buyer?

The Christian church is uniquely positioned to help bring people out of sexual addiction and, in so doing, reduce the demand for sex services.

Reduced demand means less profit flowing to the Trafficker, which will result in fewer Victims.

This 10-part documentary seeks to educate people in recognizing sexual addiction and help identify ways for the addict to get free. I have a great respect for Bella Veritas Productions. This is one of the most intense projects I have ever worked on. The subject is presented in an unvarnished manner – details are not thrown out to be raw or shocking, but nothing is hidden either. 

Because of the graphic nature of the subject, no video is hosted on my site. Viewer desecration is advised for the Sex on Demand documentary and the 10-Seconds short film.

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Copyright Bella Veritas Productions, 2014 Posted with permission.

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