Nathan AshtonNathan Ashton

Pendragon: Sword of His Father

  Sound Designer  •  Foley Artist  •  Foley and Sound Effects Editor  •  Music Editor  •  Re-recording Mixer

An epic historical fantasy set in 411AD. Involving more than 400 actors, the film took three years to produce.”


2009 Nominated for Best Picture
San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

Burns Family Studio

Copyright 2008

Posted with permission.



The “Dream Sequence”

This clip is taken from the transition between Act1 and Act2. Artos (the protagonist) has just escaped from slavery and is remembering the battle that killed his father.


Epic Sword Fights

One of the hallmarks of the Pendragon movie were intense sword fights. Extensive sound work was done to transform wooden weapons and plastic armor into heavy instruments of mortal combat. This clip comes from the climatic battle between Artos and his nemesis. Real swords were used by these trained swordsmen but when it came to sound, they too received the full treatment.

For more information on the sound of Pendragon, visit the “Pendragon Post-Production Process” blog entry.

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