Nathan AshtonNathan Ashton

Heaven Bound

Dialog Editor  •  Foley and Sound Effects  •  Re-Recording Mixer

 Heaven Bound movie pick

In a botched robbery attempt, a financially desperate couple get themselves trapped inside the mansion of a dying doctor who won’t let them leave…

…until they become Christians.

My Perspective


Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.
~ Sir Peter Ustinov (1921-1904)

Comedy, by its very nature is irreverent. I think this is why so many Christians have a hard time being funny. But Heaven Bound dares to take a swing at the serious topic of what it means to be in love, face death, and binge watch Christian movies. Every time it dares to poke at the odd-ball aspects of North American Christian culture, it is brilliantly funny. That humor allows the serious moments to hit home with unexpected weight.


This isn’t a “Three Stooges” comedy, so cartoon sound effects aren’t the main fare used to accent funny moments. Rather the sound draws out humor by underscoring the absurd. Once again, my good friend (and audio hero) Lee Lannom of One Point 21 Productions delivered solid location sound. The only scene requiring ADR was a pickup on a day Lee couldn’t be there to oversee recording.

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