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Chasing American Legends

Foley and Sound Effects • Re-Recording Mixer
(6 episodes)


Chasing American Legends follows the dynamic Green family and comedian Brad Stine, as well as other special guests in their investigations of America’s heroes, legends, and legacies.

With sincere passion for America balanced by humor and curiosity, an entertaining cast (including guest stars such as David Barton, Gary Newell, Sen. Brian Birdwell, and others) brings a fresh approach to storytelling through their access to authentic worlds of timeless national treasures. Each episode is a fun journey through America’s most amazing moments as Chasing American Legends redefines the history genre of reality television.

My Perspective


Many people are being fed a false perspective of history designed to fuel a political agenda. The Green family visits historical locations and consult original source material to get a true picture of American legends like the Alamo, Washington, and Martin Luther King, Jr. I enjoyed the content as much as I enjoyed working on the sound for this TV series. It made me proud to live in this country and more appreciative of the freedoms we all share.


Reality TV brings its own brand of fun. Sometimes Eight microphones were running at the same time, occasionally on separate events unfolding simultaneously. Lee Lannom of One Point 21 Productions did an amazing job of capturing the sound. Then my job of crafting a finished product that was both consistent in tone, true to the location sonic characteristics, AND promoting the most important moments of dialog was a challenge.

What may come as a surprise to some is the amount of foley added to a reality TV series. Since the dialog is often coming from microphones clipped under clothing, personal elements like footsteps and distant environmental sounds are missing. One important way to bring “life” back to the sound is by adding Foley.

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