Nathan AshtonNathan Ashton

Formal Resume

Nathan Ashton        c: 818-688-1654


Professional Profile

Award-winning sound designer. Global documentary videographer. Versatile filmic producer and educator with passion for clear communication of ideas through effective application of sound and picture.

Film Post Production

  • Recruit audio-post teams for features from documentaries to sci-fi adventure films
  • Restore critically compromised source audio for reality TV and HBO documentaries
  • Finish award-winning filmic projects as Re-recording Mixer – including 10 films now available on Hulu and on Netflix

Sound Design

  • Design and create specialty sounds resulting in more believable sci-fi visual effects, dynamic program opens, and captivating advertisements
  • Recreate clothing, footstep, and other real-life sound effects as a Foley Artist
  • Edite effects for period and ethnically specific regions requiring research into authentic sounds

TV Production

  • Produce weekly Religious TV program including several episodes for Hallmark Channel
  • Coordinate domestic and international travel for video teams involving:
    • Researching locations, identifying guides, and acquiring equipment
    • Securing permits from local governments and negotiating with Ministries of Tourism
  • Script and supervise creative segments including:
    • Researching and writing copy for informational, inspirational, and commercial elements
    • Conducting and editing multi-camera interviews into cohesive stories

Academic / Education

  • Taught upper level University audio courses
  • Develop curriculum and program content for a thriving BA degree in Music Technology requiring
    • Assessing varying environmental demands with needs of institution and accrediting bodies
    • The development of new and contemporary course content and pedagogy
  • Forge formal business partnership between ORU and The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio


  • Direct activities of 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity
  • Approve production of materials in alignment with charitable purpose
  • Champion independent films and filmmakers.


Download my formal resume, contact list, and CV here:Logo-Doc