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A Producer’s Portfolio

A Producer makes stuff. In the strictest of terms, a Producer is the one responsible for overseeing the logistic side of a project, but in reality they are the ones who get in and get the job done.

I am a Producer. I am the one who can take your vision through the machinery of production and create something wonderful. You bring the story, I bring:

— An outside perspective on communicating with global audiences,
— A team of videographers, sound recordists, vocal talent, and graphic editors,
— Experience writing news copy, film scripts, informational advertisements, and sizzle pieces for TV and arena events, and
— Genuine interest in what makes your message unique.

It is my goal to take over the logistics so that you can focus on being creative. We are here to tell a story together – whether a original film, a brand narrative, or the eternal story of Jesus – and that should be the subject of all our efforts. A lot of work goes into bringing that story to life but the audience isn’t really interested in all that. They just want to be delighted and amazed. 


Below you will find samples of my work as Producer.

Please see A Sound Ninja’s Portfolio for samples of my audio work.


Empowered21 is a global organization with many different initiatives.
This is a recent commercial for an event celebrating Pentecost from Israel, the land of Pentecost.

 World Impact with Billy Wilson

Since 2008 I have had the pleasure of serving as Producer for the best-in-class Christian TV show, “World Impact with Billy Wilson”. This is a topical program that informs and exhorts on Biblical topics with a global world view. Each episode is recorded on location from somewhere in the world relevant to the topic. I have lined up locations, navigated customs, researched hundreds of informational pieces, gathered man-on-the-street viewpoints, and conducted interviews with both scholars and dignitaries.

You can view an extensive lineup of episodes at


Seven Deadly Sins

Seven of these videos were made for an outdoor prayer rally in Philadelphia.
They played to 10,000 people in front of Independence Hall.

RISEN – Victory’s Passion Plays

For five consecutive years I assisted in producing the video segments for the Easter and Christmas dramas at Victory Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They effectively used video segments to bridge story points and allow the stage to be reset between scenes. Below is a trailer from the 2013 Easter program.

Film Projects

Often my role as Audio Post Production Supervisor spills over into other aspects as need arises: sometimes it is writing, sometimes logistical. Below are a selection of projects where my assistance went beyond audio.



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