Nathan AshtonNathan Ashton

A Ninja’s Portfolio

There are 6 ninjas in this picture…
and only one is attacking with a sword.


My job as a Foley Artist / Sound Editor is to create seamless audio experience. Like the venerable ninja, the one you can see is the one who messed up. It is a lonely profession, but the result can be extremely satisfying. What follows are some samples of my work.

NO LOCATION AUDIO is used in these examples.
Everything is created in postproduction

Beyond the Mask (2015) : Street Fight
(Foley, SFX, ADR, and Loop Group)

Hayflick Limit (2017) : The White Room
(Foley Only)


This is an event video. The music here was replaced and played live.
No location audio was available.
Everything – birds, waves, fish, boats, bells – was crafted in post.

Influence Conference : Opening Video
(SFX and Foley)


These videos are final audio versions and include location dialog.

Chasing American Legends (2015) : Lexington
(Dialog Editing, Foley, Ambiances)


Little Town of Bethlehem : Trailer
(Ambiance, SFX Editing, Foley)

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