Nathan AshtonNathan Ashton

A Ninja’s Portfolio

There are 6 ninjas in this picture…
and one guy attacking with a sword.


My job as a Foley Artist / Sound Editor is to create seamless audio experience. Like the venerable ninja, the one you can see is the one who messed up. It is a lonely profession, but the result can be extremely satisfying. What follows are some samples of my work.

This first batch includes ONLY things I recorded presented against the rough cut video I was given. No “location” audio is included.

Beyond the Mask (2015) : Street Fight
(Foley, SFX, ADR, and Loop Group)

Hayflick Limit (2017) : The White Room
(Foley Only)


This is an event video. The music here was replaced and played live. No location audio was available. Everything – birds, waves, fish, boats, bells – was crafted in post.

Influence Conference : Opening Video
(SFX and Foley)


These videos are final audio versions. Keep your senses tuned for ninjas. They’re everywhere.

Chasing American Legends (2015) : Lexington
(Dialog Editing, Foley, Ambiances)


Little Town of Bethlehem : Trailer
(Ambiance, SFX Editing, Foley)

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