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  • MnE_Map

    Reach the World with M&E

    When it comes time to sell your movie you don’t want to be limited to English speaking audiences only. It is true that some countries like Sweden thrive…

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  • What-Is-Foley

    What is Foley?

    “So… you produce a sophisticated laugh track… Filling in for an audience that isn’t there?” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I heard my craft…

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  • AW-Car-poster-shot

    Car Crash – SFX example

    This is simply a before and after comparison of a car driving and crashing sequence from the film  Ace Wonder. Before After

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  • Pointing-Director-crop

    What I want doesn’t matter

    There are several differences between a professional and an amateur – talent is not one of them. Many amateurs make amazing product. The point I want to touch today is a…

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  • Theater-setup-crop

    The Three Parts to Big Sound

    The Setup A little while ago I was talking to a young filmmaker about how to get that “Big Sound” associated with movies. This particular enthusiast said that…

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